Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Kitty airline

Next time you see an aeroplane flying in the sky, try spotting Hello Kitty among the clouds.

Eva Air, an airline company based in Taiwan, has recently launched several Hello Kitty themed Airbus A330-300 air crafts, catching the attention of Hello Kitty fans from all over the world. These air crafts started off by only flying between cities Taiwan, Shanghai, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Guam; a collaboration with Sanrio, the Japan company that created and owns the Hello Kitty brand.

The experience starts right when you check in.

Pink and white check-in booths that welcomes you before you board the plane. 


The customized boarding pass.

Even customized Hello Kitty passports!

In fact, for every different city you visit via the airline, a different stamp design would be inked on it. Eva Air has initiated a program in which guests can win Hello Kitty souvenirs when they manage to collect all of the stamp designs within a year.

Interior design of the plane:

It is impressive how Eva Air has managed to incorporate the designs of Hello Kitty into so many areas of the air craft, including the meals served to passengers;

Served by pretty air stewardesses donned on with Hello Kitty aprons.

and even toilet amenities.

There are currently only 3 designs of the air craft:

Hello Kitty with Magic Stars,

Hello Kitty Around the World,

and Hello Kitty Loves Apples, inspired by the character's favourite food.

Of course, with such personalized designs and service, you would not expect a budget price. Check out Eva Air's prices at their website here.

Just wondering, will males avoid travelling in such an aircraft, decorated with a feminine touch? Feel free to share your thoughts through the comment box (:


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