Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ho Chi Minh Luxury City

A city where you can have real moment of ease despite the restlessness of the city, Ho Chi Minh is one of my favorite travel destination in Vietnam.
"Saigon", as some Vietnamese people called it, is a very important city of the country, the heart of the Vietnamese economy. The city has attracted a lot of luxury hotels, offering packages for tourists. The package includes spa and massage, as the country was influenced by his neighbor, Thailand, you can find very good massage, especially Thai Massage.

One of the most famous spa center is Lacochinchine on the center of the city - (141 (Lau 6), Nguyen Hue, P.Ben Nghé, Q.1) where you can have massage but also fitness and pool exercices.

After a time of relaxation, you can go to a French restaurant, specialized in dessert, called "Fanny Ice Cream" as the Vietnam was influenced by French culture, there are a lot of restaurants with French food. For example you can find easily bread like in Paris.

I succumbed for the Spring Rolls - a crepe with vanilla and blueberry ice cream - a real delight.

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