Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travelling in Style

Those of you frequent flyers to faraway luxury destinations and beyond, it is best if you can keep up your physical style with your high-end holiday destination. The chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon for example, always packs 6 to 8 big suitcases (no less) for each of her trip.

“My rule,” Mellon says, “is to keep it simple but stylish.” She takes a surprisingly streamlined approach when it comes to her travel look, however. She starts with J Brand stretch jeans ($158) and a cotton T by Alexander Wang top ($76), and adds a blazer ($525)—such as this wool-blend style, also by Alexander Wang. She accessorizes with leather biker boots ($1,195) and oversize sunglasses ($295)—“you never feel good when you get off a plane, so it’s great to hide behind a big pair of shades”—both by Jimmy Choo. Her mock-croc tote ($1,795) and wheelie ($3,595) are from the brand’s recently launched 24/7 bag collection. After all, you’re going to need the right luggage if you pack 30 pairs of shoes “just in case.”

So beside your collection of Prada, and Jimmy Choo, and Louboutin, what else could you possibly need to maintain a radiant, healthy and happy look throughout your travel?

A yoga mat so you can exercise in your hotel room and keep that healthy glow.

Magazine: fashion or gossip, health or politics, anything that makes you happy!

Pants: Wear a pair of comfortable yet fitting cotton pants to keep you sane through the long flight!

Towelettes: Wet anti-bacterial wipes to clean off dirt, sweat, and other face-dampener elements.

Aromatherapy: To relax, put a few drops of aromatherapy oil on your travel pillow.

Moisturizers: Flying is so dehydrating. Night cream, moisturizing eyedrop, and moisturizing foundation are absolutely imperative.

Fragrance: Carry something with a whiff versatile enough for any occasion, from a business meeting to a romantic dinner in fancy restaurant!

Adapted from one of oneluxurytravel blogs.
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  1. I'm planning to travel with my family to London for Thanksgiving, does anyone know which airline has the best first class seats? I don't care about cheap tickets, I just want to sleep in one of those pod things.

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