Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gambling. When done in moderation, within your means, and intended for entertainment - can be pretty fun... Heck, a whole lotta fun! The icing on the cake is even sweeter when the casinos dangle carrots like amazing suites and enough food to feed 5 generations of your family, just so you will come back to play the high stakes with them.

Macau - the gaming mecca in Asia surpasses Las Vegas in gambling revenue. It is no longer just a seedy place over run by triads and Stanley Ho's henchmen; well it probably still is, but it has seen the welcome development of other big resorts and players to the industry in recent years.


A bunch of high-end luxury gambling resorts have sprung up in the past decades. Take a look at some of their pictures and decide which kind of palace you would prefer!

Coming up first, MGM Grand

The corridors are brightly adorned with the opulence all-gold tiles and golden carpet.

Entrance to the suite...

The sprawling bathroom was astonishingly lavish...

Bang and Olufsen's UFO inspired player.

Welcome gifts of sweet goodies to promptly gobble up!

The Villa (Two-Bedroom) is MOP/HKD 30,800 a night.

Book a room or find out more at: http://www.mgmmacau.com

And now, the famous, gigantic Venetian :

Paiza lobby

Venetian's Paiza club suites are furnished with a sophisticated blend of Chinese and European d├ęcor; dark woods and earthy tones create a different type of mood from the dazzle of MGM Grand.

High-tech toilet from Japan

The Venetian is run by Las Vegas Sands. It is not only a resort, but also home to a gigantic sprawl of luxury shopping malls with Venetian inspired design.

To reserve a Paiza Suite, contact the reservations team at:
room.reservations@venetian.com.mo or call: +853 2882 8877.

Find out more at: www.venetianmacao.com

Lastly, this is how the gambling centre of Macau, City of Dream looks like on a normal night :

Dream comes true indeed.

Adapted from here.

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