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Quintessentially Secure, a privately owned global-security and bodyguard firm. Its founders are former British and American Army operatives, U.S. Secret Service agents, and emergency-rescue officers. Quintessentially Secure provide special security products and protection plans. Here's the perk : When the team isn't busy running point on kidnapping cases or training diplomatic bodyguards and special forces, they have fun thinking up experiential packages for James Bond junkies and Jason Bourne wannabes.

In short, you may now purchase your own international espionage experience.


Headquarter offices are located in London, New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

A visit to M-16 Headquarter is included in a one-day "Secrets of The Spy" package.


Launched three years ago as a member company of the private concierge club, Quintessentially.


Earning money from bored, loaded adrenaline junkies with too much money to spend and too much time to spare. (Prices range from $2,500 per person for a one-day "Secrets of the Spy" package—complete with a visit to the MI6 headquarters in London—to $50,000 for a full week's mission.)


Although the espionage tours are designed to be entertaining, they also teach real skills, such as anti-ambush driving, electronic surveillance, and facial-and-body-language interpretation. The team works with high-net-worth individuals who have asked Quintessential to teach them the cold realities of the trade so as to protect themselves from potential assassins and kidnappers.

For example, the package "The Day of the Jackal"—named after the 1973 movie about a professional assassin—teaches the principles of disguise and tracking, as well as fun stuff like weapons use and anti-ambush skills.

"Quintessentially Bourne"
adventure, billed as a high-octane secret spy operation culminates in a race against time in the North African desert.

Fake mission includes designing a surveillance box around the assigned targets (employees of Quintessential), taking a bird's-eye view of the targets from the Westminster Bridge in London (while a sidekick followed you on foot towards the London Eye), crisscrossing urban parks to exchange subtle information, picking up newspapers to hide faces, moving catlike behind trees and streetlight poles, joining tour groups as a form of camouflage, interrogating pretend suspects and engaging in a high-speed car chase.

So if you're looking for a novel way to splurge yourself in unusual luxury, do sign up for these interesting travel packages. By the end of your vacation, you will be well trained on how to unarmedly defend yourself and thwart your opponent (even if he or she is pointing a U.S. Marine–issue KA-BAR at you!)

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